Are you looking for cost-effective adhesive systems for your plastic roofing materials? Do you require an environmentally friendly adhesive for your mattresses or leather products? At your request, we develop and produce the desired adhesive in precisely the packaging you require.

At Fourny, it’s not about standard adhesives – we focus on adhesives that exactly match your needs and requirements. We develop these personalised adhesives for many clients – exclusively where required – under a private label.

waterproofing adhesive -Fourny
adhesives manufacturing company- Fourny Willebroek


In addition to developing and producing an exclusive adhesive, we also supply your own labels, packaging, MSDS and technical files, all coordinated with your own house-style.

But we also follow up on your logistics requirements. And that means you are free to concentrate on your core business secure in the knowledge that the total package meets all the applicable regulation and legislation.