We are a team that combines expertise, passion and entrepreneurship. Our company has 75 years of experience in the adhesives sector and looks forward to continuing producing top-grade adhesives that perfectly reflect the needs of our clients.

Research & Development

R&D forms the basis of our company.

In our brand-new lab, our experts daily expand their knowledge of materials and then use that knowledge to develop new and high-tech adhesives.

Mario Meulemans:

“At Fourny we have built up close contact with global players in the chemicals sector over the years. They keep us up to date on the latest building blocks that we use daily to put together new and smarter adhesives.”


Safe and efficient production,

that respects the delivery times and quality requirements of our clients: that’s what our team focuses on, day in day out.

Wim Nies:

“I’ve been following production at Fourny from A to Z for ten years already, from the order of raw materials and production planning to customer delivery. Our clients value our flexibility highly.”


“Fourny is a customiser from top to toe. If a client wants a different composition, colour or packaging, then that’s basically possible. And that’s definitely our added value in the sector.”

Account Management

Our account team is ready to serve our clients,

from the moment a request for a private label adhesive arrives to its development and swift administrative processing.

Guy Nies:

“Within Fourny, I not only guide our existing clients but also act as a point of contact for new clients. I’ve now been working for over 15 years in the adhesives sector. While adhesives were used mainly in the leather and seat industry in the past, our clientele has now become much more diverse, ranging from coach manufacturers to suppliers of plastic roofing materials.”

Jan De Vooght:

“My passion is our clients. Whether we’re talking about an initial introduction or a long-lasting partnership, I always aim to help our clients in the best possible way. After 20 years of international sales experience as a manager in the technology and chemicals sector, I’m now very happy and proud to put my expertise and network to good use at Fourny.”

Office Management

Our administrative and organisational back-up

forms the link between our clients and internal teams and also actively supports our production.


“It’s great to see how many trusted clients we have, who we have worked with for many years. With our no-nonsense approach and direct lines of communication, we aim to respond as rapidly as possible to the wishes of our clients.”