Construction sector

Adhesives are becoming increasingly popular in the construction sector. Fourny is therefore purveyor of bespoke adhesives for various manufacturers of building materials who use our adhesives in different projects. A few examples:

  • Roofing material

Fourny was the first to develop a unique sprayable adhesive for EPDM rubber and other roofing materials, so roofers now work faster and more efficiently. The largest manufacturers and importers are clients of Fourny.

  • Floors

Many manufacturers and wholesalers of cork, parquet and vinyl floors and carpets have been using Fourny adhesives, often under a private label. But we also supply self-levelling coatings, as well as electrically conductive flooring systems for data-room applications.

  • Production machines

Fourny is playing a pioneering role in the development of a unique epoxy adhesive to anchor production machines chemically. The adhesive absorbs a high level of vibration and features superior adhesion properties to metal and concrete surfaces.

  • Concrete structures

We supply ready-made solutions for durable fastening of the most diverse concrete elements and façades.

  • Cladding fastening

At Fourny you’ll find various solutions for the perfect fastening of cladding in wood, (façade) bricks, aluminium, etc.

LIJMEN VOOR ELKE SECTOR - dakbedekking, vloeren, productiemachines, betonnen constructies

Leather and shoe sector

75 years ago, Fourny developed its first adhesive for the shoe industry. We count many major and international brands among our long-term clients.

waterproofing adhesive Fourny

Car sector

You’ll find Fourny adhesive in 1 in 4 cars worldwide. Thanks to our years of experience, we count the biggest suppliers to the car sector among our clients. Discover our award-winning adhesive solutions for car upholstery, loudspeakers, parcel shelves, etc.

Fourny watergebaseerde lijmen en coatings

Transport sector

Also in our range: leading and quality-enhancing solutions for fastening parts of buses and coaches, campers, trucks, rail transport, shipping and special vehicles. Fourny supplies adhesives for bus and coach carpeting, insulation of tankers, truck’s load floors, etc.

adhesives manufacturing company- Fourny Willebroek

Graphics sector

Fourny supplies a number of top-grade adhesive products for the graphics sector that are partly applied using a screen-print machine, and partly by a flexo-machine. Our adhesives are commonly used for permanently adherent and repositionable stickers.

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